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Psychological Vaccine during Quarantine

10 Positive Productive Things to do during Lockdown

Self-quarantine was neither in your priority list nor in your bucket list, but this is the only thing you are doing right now. Thus, here are 10 positive productive things that you can try during self-quarantine.

What if the full form of QUARANTINE is like this:

Q= Question for self-reflection.
U= Uplift your productivity with optimism and hope.
A= Add new skills
R=Read something that gives you a good feel
A=Avoid rumors 
N= Need to meditate and relax
T=Take break from social media and news portal
I= Increase hope and optimism.
N= Neat and clean
E=Exercise to promote good health.

Self-quarantine was neither in your priority list nor in your bucket list, but this is the only thing you are doing right now. Thus, here are 10 positive productive things that you can try during self-quarantine.

Q= Questions for self-reflection:

Asking the question to reflect optimism is the very first step of being aware of self-care. 

How can I utilize this day?
Is it necessary to feel such a fear?
What are the hopeful things?
Is the information fact or rumor?
Am I just looking in the negative side or there is a positive side too?

U= Uplift your productivity: 

Your productivity is directly proportional to the level of immunity, just take a paper and pencil and start writing what you are made for, what is the passion that you have been ignoring till now pretending that you could not do it or you do not have time to do so. This leads to a healthier life in terms of your physical, mental social, or spiritual productivity. 

Question: – Am I doing something fruitful today or Can I do something productive today?

A= Add new skills:

This is the time to add some value so that you would become a value-added person. Make the most of this time by enhancing and polishing new skills that you have not had time for. Draw on skills you have used in the past that have helped you to manage previous life’s adversities. 

Question:- Did I do something new that added some new skill to me?

R= Read something that gives you good feel:

It does not mean that you have to read a certain list of books or articles, it simply means that read something that boosts your level of confidence or keeps you engaging in this prime time. 

Question: – Am I reading something new that boosts up my mental health? 

A= Avoid rumors:

In this age of information overload, we are fed with loads of information without actual referencing as well, so get informed about the authentic site and avoid myths and rumor. Find a credible source you can trust such as WHO website or local or state public health agencies. 

Question:- Am I getting factual information from authentic sources?

N= Need to meditate and relax:

It is well said that- if you cannot go outside (In this quarantine period) go inside yourself, discover yourself and know your own uniqueness. This is the best probable time to explore the true self, take it as an opportunity.

Question: – Had I separated time to relax my mind and body this day?

T= Take a break from social media and news portal:

It is good to follow a trusted and factual source of information to keep yourself informed, but equally bad to get informed on a matter that is not helpful. Excessive intake of social media and portals take a toll on your mental health, so simply get informed timely but do not get ruined from it.

Question: – Am I limiting media intake time, or taking a break from social media?

I= Increase hope and optimism:

It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis, talking to people you can trust can help you. Moreover, looking at the positive side of the event and keeping yourself engaged in managing daily routines gives you a sense of accomplishment. Humbly keep doing things that give you worthiness on a regular basis, who knows you may discover something new.

Question: – Am I looking at the positive aspect of the condition?

N= Neat and clean:

Simply making your bed every morning, washing your dishes and laundry may give you a sense of accomplishment. These small things really matter in terms of personal hygiene and psychological health too, which is also related to your kindness of helping and boosting your immunity.

Question: – Am I taking care of my body, family, and environment around me?

E= Exercise to promote good health:

As we all know that exercise helps in the proper blood circulation of blood and benefits mind and body, thus doing any form of exercise that is healthy enough for you personally can add value to you to remain productive and optimistic.

Question: – Am I doing routine basic stretching and exercise to keep my body fit?

“Stay safe and updated with facts, but do not panic”

The writer is working in the field of mental health in Nepal.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is a known writer and professional Trainer/ Influencer in the field of mental health, life skills, and public health from Nepal. He is one of the founding members of THE SUCCESS NEWS. He is working in the field of mental health & counseling psychology in Nepal.

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