3 Bad Habits that can Ruin a Relationship

Who doesn’t want a life full of unwavering faith and love? But is it possible for a person to have a relationship like that? Certainly not. Some reports say that the marital life of those who are said to be very successful in their field and have earned name, position, prestige, and honor is also having a hellish relationship with their partner.

Often, mistrust was seen as the main reason for the deterioration of the relationship. But there are a number of reasons why skepticism can lead to mistrust, which raises questions about mutual trust. And we all know that that last point of the mistrust is a bitter separation.

The following are three symptoms of betrayal which is published in the Goodman Project. If you find any of these symptoms in your spouse, be aware of whether to improve or to encourage improvement. Because just as there is a deep wound in the body, it is better to treat the wound without making it bigger.

  1. Emotional Deception: Often in a relationship, it is normal that the partner may talk about his or her normal friend. But if the relationship with someone else is more than a friend and the inner relationship is above the friend, they might hide it. In that case, it is better to understand that there is something wrong. For example, here are 5 questions to find out whether your partner has a friendship with someone else is a normal friendship or not.
  • Are they hiding their friendship with each other?
  • When you ask about that friendship, do you get a “don’t worry” or some frustrating answer?
  • Do they say “no” as an answer rather than ending that friendship?
  • Are you trying to block boundaries to allay possible suspicions?
  • When there is some quarrel between you, does the third person get that point and make various comments?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then your partner may have an intimate relationship with someone other than a normal friend.

  1. Conditional love: Similarly, another symptom that may be causing a rift in a relationship is selfish or conditional love. If your boyfriend or partner is attached only to the hope of achieving something then this is called conditional love. It is not really your influence but your immediate self-interest that breaks the foundation of a lasting relationship.

How can unconditional love be established? Talk openly about any problems. Regular conversation brings freshness to love and gives solutions to problems. But it all comes at a time when both partners do not want to lose each other.

  1. Lack of emotional support: When in a committed relationship, each other always needs emotional support when needed. According to the latest research, 86 percent of couples who spend their romantic time together on happy and special occasions dedicate quality time to each other. Troubled couples spend only 33 percent of their time emotionally together.

How to get rid of all these problems and establish a meaningful and meaningful relationship between couples?

  • First of all, you need to find out the root of the problem.
  • Try to increase the similarity with each other through cultural and other programs.
  • Be honest with each other.

If all these actions do not solve the problem then you may still have the problem or look for your partner and move towards the appropriate solution.

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