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5 Steps to Remain Psychologically Strong Against Corona

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has become a tremendous challenge for the world to cope with. You must have been realized that virus attacks to your body only when it has a weak immune system to fight against it. Hence, we all should be aware of the ways to improve our immune power to tackle with Corona too. When you are stronger physically and psychologically you are safe enough as well from any pathogenic. Here is more important and thing to be considered is to remain strong and powerful psychologically. There is no blueprint option against Corona except staying safe and healthy yourself. WHO and the government authorities of different countries have appealed their people to follow as it is the fundamental instructions to prevent Corona which is the base for everyone to be safe from the pandemic. To remember, washing hands with clean soap water appropriately and frequently, use a medical mask, covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, stay two meters away from individuals with common cold and fever, avoid body touch (such as handshaking, hugging, kissing, etc.) instead greet with Namaste, get the medical access if you have such symptoms. 

By considering the above health instructions, this article is to help you stay psychologically powerful and cope with the situation. When you are psychologically free from fear, having full confidence regarding best outcomes, sure enough, that you are following the instructions, etc. makes you able to work on more against any critical condition. Here are the ways how to stay strong psychologically against Corona.


1. Get the real facts and avoid fake one:

First of all, you ensure that you are getting the information about Corona is 100% true and appropriate from authorized and trustful sources. Even during such a serious issue there are spreading false news about the Corona such as the death of a high number of people, curing claimed by the use of cow dung and urine, etc. are not scientifically true. Therefore, please discard such fake news and follow the facts and get the right track to act. Similarly, the fact of death percentage of Coronavirus is 2 to 5% per one million populations which is comparatively less dreadful.

2. Consume a balanced diet to increase immune system: 

Always remember to consume the proper balanced diets which improve your immunity power. For example, vitamin C rich items (such as lemon, orange, etc.), cereals (protein-rich), all kinds of fruits, ginger, pepper, turmeric, garlic, onion, milk, curd, ghee, eggs, and fresh meat, etc. are actually the best foods to consume for increasing the immune power. 

3. Do what you love: 

In Italy, people are singing and dancing which definitely don’t save from Corona but yes it works to fight with it. Therefore, you go for what you love to do during such a lockdown. You are staying at home now, just do what you love, you may sing and dance, read books, listen to music, get involved in creative writing, etc. These all activities of your interest make you happy while performing; finally, happiness has a positive correlation with the level of the immune system. 

4. Be confident: 

Once William James said, “The greatest discovery of this generation is that human being can alter their lives by altering their attitudes”. To stay confident, you must have an improved and dynamic attitude. Whatever the circumstances finally humans have neo-cortex which definitely way out something better. 

Getting access to proper and factual information about the matter makes you confident. Staying confident makes you strong to fight with Corona and other situations too. Read reliable materials, watch videos, drink enough water, do exercise, etc. contributes to remain confident. 

5. Practice yoga: 

This is the best time to practice yoga in the morning as well as evening. Mainly, meditation keeps you stay calm, confident and concentrated, therefore, use your lockdown time for creative and self-transformation oriented activities. 

SP Upreti

SP Upreti is a Yoga Instructor, Counsellor and Motivational Speaker from Nepal. He is one of the founding members of THE SUCCESS NEWS.

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