Welcome to the ‘The Success News E-Magazine’ a truly motivational portal in English language.

According to Oscar Wilde, living as an average person is a deadly act. Having no great goal, purpose, and dream for the whole life after being born as a human being is essentially not being human. Hence, Success News is a success-oriented e-magazine that motivates people to create a clear goal in life. Our main goal in the current situation is to awaken motivation in the individual, even in the midst of all-round frustration, chaos, negativity, and various inconsistencies, and to orient them towards hope, agility, positivity, and creativity. By the way, someone asked Helen Keller, is there anything worse than not seeing? In response, Helen said, “Yes, not having a vision.”

Originally, this website was launched to further develop the popularity gained by The Way of Success Facebook Page. So we’ve started this eMagazine where we publish self-created, translated content under various Creative Commons and all the articles sent by the authors like you. We also broaden our reach by creating and publishing inspirational content on YouTube.  This magazine is currently being edited by Keshar Bhandari ‘Yatri’.

We believe that there will be direct and indirect support always from the people for the further growth and development of this inspiring magazine run with a positive purpose. Without your encouragement, valuable support and cooperation, we will never be able to move forward. Therefore, we fully expect your support from your place.