Good Students: You Can Make One

In schools and colleges, we often find situations where some students are regarded as talented, some having an average level, and many others are regarded as weak ones. People have their own viewpoints regarding the goodness of students. This piece of writing reveals a distinct viewpoint of what good students are really like and how they can be so. Here is a list of some qualities, I suppose, that are the attributes of good students.

  • Good students can take responsibility for their learning. They are independent as well as autonomous learners, and therefore, they need no or less assistance from others.
  • Good students spend most of their time with learning materials. They have devotion towards learning. They assume that they are born for knowledge, and they strive to gain as much knowledge as possible.
  • For them the sources of knowledge are innumerable. They usually have learned from books, newspapers, internet, movies, TV channels, society, people, and many more. Whatever they are exposed to they try to learn something from that.
  • Good students have a good store of books and other learning materials in their study room for they have to delve into diverse disciplines.
  • Good students are not ashamed of asking anything that they are confused at. They are ready to be called a fool either, but they never give up any subject matter without full comprehension. They dare to ask for their as well as others’ sake.
  • Good students are not afraid of committing mistakes. They are well known for the fact that failures are the pillars of success. Therefore, they keep on committing mistakes unless they succeed.
  • Good students learn from others’ mistakes as well. They know that there is a lack of time to commit all the mistakes themselves. Therefore, they regard others’ mistakes theirs.
  • Good students are creative. Whenever they are able to manage a leisure, they compose a poem, write stories, articles, or other creations.
  • Good students always keep a diary for themselves. They record major incidents of their life in the diary. They evaluate their life and learn many things from their past to make their future more progressive.
  • Good students plan for learning. They keep notes of every subject and make a judicious plan to write properly in the examination.
  • Good students are collaborative. They have sharing nature. They enjoy sharing what they have learned with others because they rise by lifting others up.
  • Good students always pay their full attention to what they are learning.

They know that real learning is not possible without full concentration.

The major point is can weaker students transform themselves into brilliant ones? The answer is, of course, they can. It is not mandatory for a learner to remain weak for his/her entire academic life. He/she has the right to be a brilliant one.

Now the major point is can weaker students transform themselves into brilliant ones? The answer is, of course, they can. It is not mandatory for a learner to remain weak for his/her entire academic life. He/she has the right to be a brilliant one. This sort of transformation proceeds from the very personal process of recognizing the self.  Osho says that all the individuals that have taken birth in this world are blessed with equal power. According to him, all the people have the ability to be Buddha, Einstein, or other greatly successful people. Therefore, everybody should respect themselves and try to dig deep within themselves to foster their inherent potentiality. Here are enlisted some better ideas that are instrumental to keep students wise, intelligent, and brilliant.

  • The most important thing is that students should develop a positive attitude towards themselves. They should not regard themselves as weak because their present situation is not the final situation. They should realize that they were not born weak but their negative thinking is responsible for their weakness.
  • Students should not compare themselves with others because all the students have individual differences, and they all learn in their own ways. Therefore, every day they should strive to be better than who they were yesterday; not better than other people.
  • Students should develop a strong desire for learning. They should have an appetite for knowledge because it is said that we can lead a horse to water but we cannot make it drink. This means if students have a strong desire for learning, they will certainly learn what they try to learn. On the contrary, if they are indifferent as well as reluctant towards learning, they will never learn anything. Thus, to be a good student strong desire to learn is a must.
  • Sometimes students get disappointed because of a lack of understanding. This situation is very critical because if they do not understand anything, they may give up their study and divert their attention to something else. In such a situation, even if there is a lack of understanding, they need to continue their study with the hope that understanding will come later. Sometimes we understand in the end after much rigorous practice. So, don’t get disappointed, rather, accomplish your journey.
  • All students have their own style of study. Some students understand better when they study alone; some understand better when they study in a group; some prefer to study silently; some prefer to read aloud; and so on. Thus, it is desirable to find out the way of study that suits your preference and personality.
  • Students should never hesitate or feel anxious to ask anything that they have not understood well. They should develop the habit of asking questions frankly to their teachers and peers as well.
  • Sometimes students get frustrated when they find too much course of study in front of them. As a result, they fail to start the journey of their study due to hopelessness. In this situation, they need to understand that nobody can read the entire course at a time. The desirable thing is that they should divide the huge course into many smaller parts and read them one by one. Good students always move ahead step by step.

This piece of writing highlights the line ‘Good students are not born; they are made’. Indeed, all people are born with special qualities. In many cases, they are unable to recognize their power and think that they are weak by birth. Therefore, all the students need to be aware of the inherent potentialities that will lead them towards the peak of success. It is believed that by considering the aforementioned points one can lead oneself towards the path of progression. If students are not aware of how they should study in their academic life, it is the duty of teachers, parents, and all the stakeholders to help them open their eyes.

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