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How to Increase Relationship Circle

We all are depended upon each other but still, we are independent. Friend circles, family, corporate relationships, social relationships and other sorts of relationships always help us to move forward in our life in every situation. Many times such relationships create new opportunities too. Therefore, the relationship network is indeed an important thing in everyone’s life.

Here, in this article, we will be sharing ideas about increasing relationship circles.

First, if you meet with any people for the first time try to remember his/her name and occupation. It’s because you can leave a greater influence on her/him just by recalling his name and occupation. We know, the first impression is the last impression. Recalling people’s names is also another way to increase intimacy and courtesy. Imagine, you had a long conversation in the restaurant with a new people and next time when you met him but you forget his name and started saying ‘I’ve seen you somewhere, let me remember you. Your name starts with A, no no S… I’m sorry! I cannot remember !’ this will surely have a negative impact upon your new friendship.

Second, Today is the era of social networks. We meet hundreds of new people online. Among them, many people might have the same goal, profession, passion as yours. Try to follow them, befriend him/her. Conversation between you might be interesting and who knows you might have a big influence on him/her. In this way, a new relationship may go ahead. But you need to be very careful in the social-network world; as there are lots of people with two faces.

Third, focus on personal development and positive thinking. Stay thousands of miles away from backbiters and gossip mongers. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.’

Fourth, If people invite you just for a cup of tea; don’t forget to thank them. And always remember, even if it is tea, you have a responsibility to invite them back. Because no relationship runs just from one side. Both must have similar efforts for a healthy relationship.

Fifth, body language is another part of starting a relationship, trust me. Focus on your body language too in every meeting. Your body language speaks louder about your personality. If you show your bad body language, the next person might assume your personality in a negative way.

Sixth, If someone helps you with your work, give hip present as an expression of gratitude/acclamation. A perfect book might be the best gift ever.

And last, try to catch important events about to happen around you. Manage your time to attend such events. During or at the end of the event, try to socialize with other attended peoples. Exchange your acquaintance; introduce yourself with each other and share similar thoughts about contemporary topics.

In these ways, you can always increase, improve your friendship circles. Give a positive influence among peoples. Henry Ford has said about friendship that “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is a success.”

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