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How to live the life of your choice?

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow are you living? Are you undoubtedly happy with the way you are living? If yes, I want to congratulate you. If not, what is lacking? Have you ever asked these questions yourself? There may be many reasons why are you living the life of the present. You brought your life wherever you are now. That’s why; accept that you are responsible to lead the life you have now. Actually it was your choice. There were many to suggest you but almost none to guide you. I don’t know whether you came here on your own decision or manipulation. The circumstances also play a vital role to design everything. In life, everything is not under our control, but many things are. Therefore, you take a long breath, stand straight, and thank yourself as you are reading this article. It provides you the strong ways to lead to living the life of your choice. Here are the three practical and powerful ways to follow to invite the life of your choice. 

1. Create a Strong Belief:
The beliefs and confidence come from our thoughts, actions, and consequences. If our thoughts are fertile, positive, and inspiring then actions would chase the same track. When you perform every day productive, smart, and tough actions, then it creates a strong and powerful belief system of great achievement in our mind. Repeated actions and consequences build up an extraordinary belief system. Our life starts with the attitude of ‘Don’t do’. Hey boy, don’t go to the fire, don’t touch the knife, don’t run, don’t laugh a lot, etc. These all of our restrictions become our base to form the reality of a belief. In fact, we sacrifice all the strengths of capabilities in ‘don’t do’ and ‘can’t do’ pattern of attitude. We all deserve greatness but what we believe in other’s opinion about ourselves ruin our dreams. Misbeliefs of our thoughts of impossible have collapsed our inner potentialities. Our thoughts and beliefs or wrong attitude is the enemy of our life to move forward. Misbelief is suicidal for us to grow up our life. 

Say NO to wrong beliefs. No one in the world can predict your future. You are the one to create your reality. Let us avoid the existing belief and accept a new belief system by designing our thoughts and deeds.

2. Everything is changeable, you can be changed:
The powerful mind can control each and everything. The human mind can control thoughts, actions, and body. You can direct or manipulate your mind for growing and developing excellence. The feeling of I am the one to sharpen myself towards the way of success should be strong. If one enjoys through the core of the heart in his actions then the journey of life becomes easy and entertaining. We can get these types of life-changing thoughts through books, training, own experiences that ultimately can transform the mind for the overall betterment of life.

Are you still awaiting something to be done by others first? If your mentality changes, thoughts will be changed then your entire rhythm of life will be transformed. That becomes responsible to change your complete horizon of life. The awareness of our own inner ability can lead us to success and transformation. The realization of ‘I can do’ must be implemented within us. 

3. Be Optimistic:
The better condition will never come to be succeeded. Therefore, let’s begin it’s time for the action. We get frustrated by looking at the situations happening in our lives. We make goals. We make lots of plans to achieve them. We try enthusiastically. But we may fail in our first attempt. Then we start to think about ourselves as a loser, I can’t do now. I failed. And we quit our efforts, we quit our labors. But remember one thing is that we quit struggle now later on opportunity and success quit us. May be circumstances, maybe the situations are hard but our brain to think differently our determinations, our commitments are much more powerful than the circumstances. 

Why don’t you think you can? Is it because you failed in the first attempt? Why don’t you believe in you? What don’t you have to start with? So we think our life is putting off with dying dreams. Failure is the pillar and foundation for massive success.

Change is doable. Yes, in fact, life should be transformed. The first impression always is not the last impression in most the case. If one says your writing is not good enough. Then what I can do, I can study hard, I work out hard. I can stretch myself, I can invest upon me. And I can change my writing skills, status, and level. Finally, I can change my life. If I can change myself if others can change themselves for the betterment of their lives. Why not you? So change is inevitable for you. Change is the law of nature. You must believe in your excellence, abilities, and assets. You can convert your excellence into assets. Just convince inside your mind that everything is possible. I can do it. What you convince inside that come true outside. If someone says it’s impossible. You can tell them I make it possible.

Optimism plays a vital role to design your life ahead. Being optimistic inspires you to take any kind of action. Ultimately the regular actions lead where you want to be. 

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