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How to Utilize Lockdown and Loneliness? Here 10 Practical Ways to Apply

Human existence has been moderately challenged by COVID-19 (Corona Virus) at the moment. Almost the world has been locked down to prevent the pandemic of the Corona Virus. The people around the world are facing lockdown which is a serious consequence due to the global health emergency. Lockdown is to avoid the crowd and thus to prevent the epidemic of Corona Virus. Almost the globe is the victim of it. This is affecting the livelihood of people severely. This is the emergency raised unexpectedly. The active life of people of meaning and joy is shut down. But if we look at another side of it, we get to know to explore various dimensions of life at the moment. 

You get the freedom for the exploration, for the choices of a journey to the self, for understanding oneself and others in the family and many more. For the purpose, you should be prepared to utilize the lockdown and loneliness. The more you are alone, the more you realize yourself deeply. You might think which it may not be so easy to do as to say, though you certainly can take a step to get to know whether it’s possible or not. Here are a few steps that you follow during this situation to make yourself more efficient and productive.


1. Take an interesting read

It is the best time to utilize to read favorite and interesting books. You can analyze the contents critically which increases your reasoning ability too. A very easy way to find out one’s interest is to read voraciously. Ultimately, reading reflects your passion. Try this you feel something to tell me. 

2. Practice yoga and meditation

Other incomparable ways to realize own strengths, weaknesses, emotions, thoughts, anger level, etc. are yoga and meditation. This also makes you strong enough to concentrate on the matter for long. Importantly its purposeful practice relieves you from any kind of life stresses unknowingly; this helps you for the overall betterment of life ultimately. A great option for the self-development is yoga and meditation. Exploring self is the most pleasurable job. 

3. Play guitar or piano 

You may engage in some of the recreational activities. Out of many, playing musical instruments is the topmost fun and leave great influences in the self-development. First, it sharpens your musical talent and second utilizes the time of lockdown and avoids loneliness. You may train your children to play guitar or piano which promotes their creativity. 

4. Watch television 

It’s far better to watch news, talk show, program and even movies on television than in gadgets. We maintain distance while watching TV which keeps our eyes healthy too, no hamper by blue rays. There would be advertisements that can be used as the time for refreshing but such an opportunity is not available in mobile videos or even YouTube. Therefore, watch television instead of a mobile, tab, iPad, iPhone, etc. 

5. Play with children

Children are always creative. They can’t stay without doing something. During the lockdown, the parents or guardians should be engaged with children. You can play different kinds of games such as badminton, table tennis, skipping, chess, etc. with your children. These create bonding with children and make them physically and mentally strong. 

6. Have fun with family members

People are normally scheduled and busy in their business, jobs, and studies. Unfortunately, they won’t have quality time to spend with family members. Therefore, this may be the opportunity for you to involve to have fun with family members at the moment. This is the time for love between spouses, caring for parents, children, etc.

7. Play Games

Taking consider of Corona infection, the crowd should be avoided therefore, you can’t play games such as cricket, football as many people should be gathered there which may be the medium for the transmission of the virus. But you can involve in indoor games or pair games. Specially, you may engage with children to play story/joke telling games, etc. which develops listening, reasoning, logic, etc. skills of children. 

8. Draw 

Drawing reflects your interest and your true feelings untold feelings and emotions. Various researches have proven that it enhances your creativity, balance right and left brain, improve memory, increase communication skills, magnify problem-solving skills, relieve from stress and so on. This is the best moment to even let children follow drawing and painting.   

9. Prepare Dishes 

I am sure many of you are passionate about cooking. This is really a fantastic job to serve others from your delicious dishes. You can prepare various dishes during the lockdown as you will have enough time to work on that. 

10. Write 

Everyone is a writer as everyone feels. Whatever you feel for can be expressed in many ways. One of the influential ways is writing it down. Writing is formal and easy too. You let your fingers type in a laptop or write in a diary for what emotions do you have, what is your opinion about something and many more. Writing creates a new way of livelihood. This may be the greatest opportunity even to polish your writing skills.  

Finally, there are still more ways to explore ourselves during such special conditions. What I actually want is you at least implement a few steps further and experience the outcomes you receive. After all, try for new approaches. I can guarantee you will not remain the same.  

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