Why We Need Patience for Success ?

Patience is an indispensable quality for success. This is what makes a person self-controlled. Patience helps to climb the ladder of success. Without patience, success can be an unattainable height. Therefore, patience is essential for success.

Patience is the law of nature, it always takes time to be a flower from the bud. You cannot just skip the time which is compulsory to create something, whether it is a success or a flower. So a person should not lose patience until he succeeds. The period of time until you achieve success is certainly painful and arduous, but if you do not show patience then success can not be achieved. There is a Japanese saying that patience is a bitter taste but its fruit is always sweet.

The world-famous writer Ernest Hemingway has written various works. Among them, the most famous work is The Old Man and Sea. He had to be patient for a long time before publishing this book. He had to rewrite the same novel not ten or fifteen times but two hundred times. He had a hard time finalizing this book. Despite all of this, when his book was published, it sold more than 5.3 million copies in just two days, winning the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize in history.

No success is achieved at once. This may require a long wait. Success is the sum of long-term patience, untiring effort, and strong will. Another example of patience is found in the life of the first detective storyteller, Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven is one of his world-famous works, which took him around four years to write. He spent the next ten years revising this poem. And as soon as the poem was ready, he went to editor Graham to get it published. But the editor flatly refused to publish the poem. He returned home and set out to correct the same poem. And again, went to that editor. This time too, his work was rejected due to various defects. Poe was short of money, so he took the same poem to the editor again and again and begged for some money. Finally editor accepted to buy the poem, Poe sold it for only ten dollars, for this poem he took ten years to correct though but he sold it just for ten bugs. But after his death, the Raven poem resold for a million dollars. See how much things have been changed over time.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was able to become president only after a long series of failures. Whiston Churchill became Prime Minister at his old age. It took Thomas Edison years to make the electric light bulb. With all these examples, we can see that success is not the creation of a magic wand, there is no such thing that can make someone successful just with one abracadabra. It takes a long time. So let’s always walk the path of patience to reach the destination of success.

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